Mystery Animal Found By Dumpster Has Rescuers Scratching Their Heads

“We are curious what the DNA test results will show.”

The other day, officers from the Dallas Police Department in Texas spotted a little pup huddling near a dumpster. It was unclear how he’d come to be there, stranded all alone — but upon closer inspection, another question arose.

Just what kind of animal is he, exactly?


The officers got in touch with Dallas Animal Services for assistance, and they too were baffled. Even the seasoned professionals couldn’t nail down the mystery pup’s species.

“The responding animal services officer brought him back to the shelter, where many people commented that he looked like a little coyote!” Marlo Clingman, spokesperson for Dallas Animal Services, told The Dodo.

It was a wild discovery — or was it?


There’s been some debate over whether the puppy is a domestic dog, a coyote or perhaps a hybrid of both. On the surface, it seems nearly impossible to determine for certain.

To know for sure, a DNA test is being conducted.

“His eye color is consistent with a domesticated breed, but we are curious what the DNA test results will show,” Clingman said.


It will take a few days for the results to come in, but the ambiguity around the puppy’s species hasn’t prevented his rescuers from welcoming him with open arms.

They’ve named him Toast — and they’re doing their best to keep him feeling happy and safe until the truth behind his kind is finally known for sure.

“Toast is great! He’s a fluffy little pup with a big personality,” Clingman said. “Our wildlife animal services officer Jacqueline Sutherland is going to foster Toast while we await the DNA test results. What happens next will determine whether we can adopt out Toast or if we need to find other placement solutions.”

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