Orphaned baby Rhino falls in love with her rescuer’s Cat and they’re adorable together!

Another wonderful human being full of light and love

The photo of the two of them looking curiously alike! 

Jamie Traynor from The Rhino [or.phanage] came to rescue Jamila, a little rhino who was [le.ft] without a family, as soon as they called her.

She was [at.tacked by a poa.cher] when she wanted to help her mother, and she was still very young.
When such a small and sa.d animal comes to the [orp.hanage], a lot of work has to be done with it. She spends a lot of time making friends with a rhino and making that animal start to trust her.

Jamila was in the presence of people from an early age, so Mewie, Jamie’s cat, volunteered to guard the rhino.
Jamie says Mewie always went where she and Jamila went.

Obviously Jamila fit in very well with this company, but it’s really funny to see a rhino and a cat hanging out.
She simply lowers her head into someone’s lap and enjoys it that way. And she really has a big head.

They are very different and dear animals that are beautiful to spend time with.
She’s a wonderful caring human being! We wish her every success and a long and happy life with the rhino babies…!

What a wonderful human!!! Good luck on all your ventures 

God bless your dreams…!

Watch the video below: 

So beautiful and such a loverly story

H/t: The Dodo

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