Pet Found Ravenous And Lined In Feces Was Overjoyed To See Rescuers

 Usually, Detroit Pit Crew Canine Rescue receives calls about dogs in need of help, but this animal needs quick help if it hopes to survive. The animal rescuers immediately went to the local No. 6 district of Detroit for assistance after receiving the emergency call, where they assisted in saving the animal.

Surprisingly, they found a slightly petrified animal sitting in a wire field that had been left outside, covered in feces. Detroit Pit Crew Canine Rescue posts on Facebook: “This night we received an urgent call regarding a pet that was left outside in a wire crate that was covered in feces. Our team immediately called for assistance from our colleagues at the sixth Precinct of the Detroit Local Division, and they arrived on the scene and secured the animal for us within minutes.

Lifting “Bessie” out of the crate made it obvious that the poor animal had been severely malnourished and starved. The police gave the animal a tender hug, wrapped her in a blanket for warmth, and then gave her to the Detroit pit crew, who took her to an emergency veterinary clinic for treatment.

The heroes at DPD who “go above and beyond for the pups” are greatly appreciated, says the Detroit Pit Crew. The Detroit Pit Crew informed the hospital staff of Bessie’s condition the following day and revealed that it was extremely dire.

She is approximately 6 months old and weighed 14 pounds, according to the rescuers, who write that her physical condition is terrible. “Last night, we brought her to an emergency veterinary hospital where she tested negative for parvo and biopsy results showed that she was dehydrated with a high white blood cell count.”

Clearly, even after just one night of nursing, Bessie felt much better despite the terrible ordeal. She seemed attentive and upbeat in one of numerous photos shot inside the hospital.

Bessie’s health will be closely watched in the near future, and she will keep up with her medical treatment. We’re happy to report that Bessie is currently doing better and looking forward to her new, better life, the Detroit Pit Crew writes.

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