Puppy Trapped 200 Feet Underground Had No Idea He’d Make It Out Alive

A scared dog has been rescued to safety after spending more than a week stuck down within a small underground well, bringing an end to his horrific tragedy that gripped a whole nation.


It’s unknown how the little puppy wound himself in the well in Beykoz, Turkey, but the sound of crying alerted neighbours to his plight. The tiny area made it evident that he would never be able to leave on his own. The earthen hole was less than a foot in diameter and sank more than 200 feet below ground.

While it may have looked impossible at times given the conditions, rescuers alerted to the situation refused to give up trying.


To examine the issue, emergency squads comprised of local firemen and animal rescue organizations were dispatched. They erected a tent around the hole to keep rain out and dropped video equipment to check on the puppy’s welfare.


The puppy, though afraid and alone, was still alive and well.


Rescuers were able to feed the puppy to keep him alive, but getting him out would be significantly more difficult. Crews worked for ten days to figure out how to get the dog out, but they were unsuccessful.

The rescue operation quickly gained broad attention in Turkey, thanks to social media and national television. When Energy Minister Berat Albayrak learned of the puppy’s suffering, he directed a state-owned mining business, Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises, to step in and assist.

The crew eventually managed to capture the dog and bring him up to safety using a long, mechanical lasso dropped into the hole – a dramatic scene captured on tape.

After more than a week, the puppy was let free – a conclusion that appeared to rest on the tiniest of margins at moments.


The fortunate puppy dog, called Kuyu (Turkish for “well”), was evaluated by vets and determined to be in good condition — but his story gets much better.

Beykoz firefighters adopted the puppy and invited him to reside at their station, assuring that Kuyu will be saved for the rest of his life.

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