Puppy who had teeth pulled out by former owner is now ‘living his best life’ in foster home

It’s mind-boggling how cruel some humans can be to animals. We’ve heard of pets being rescued from terrible home situations in deplorable circumstances.

But, happily, there are also wonderful people prepared to step forward and provide these creatures with the love and care they need after being subjected to so much abuse.

For example, one dog’s former owner pulled all of his teeth, but he is currently healing in good care.

The Royal Animal Refuge in Tyrone, Georgia, revealed a particularly devastating story of a pet that entered their care on February 23: a 9-month-old tiny pit bull mix whose teeth had been extracted by a prior owner.

According to FOX 5, it is unknown who did such a horrible thing to the unfortunate creature, but the rescue thinks the pup’s teeth were removed so he could be used as a “bait dog” in a dog fighting business.

“The vet said that wasn’t a professional job,” said Royal Animal Refuge Director Mariel Weigand to FOX 5.

Despite his tragedy, he turned out to be a nice pup at the animal shelter: “We couldn’t say no to taking him in, and he instantly grabbed all of our hearts,” Royal Animal Refuge posted on Facebook.

While the name “Toothless” may look cruel, it is based on one of the franchise’s heroic dragons: “In the movie, Toothless overcomes many hardships and obstacles, therefore it is very perfect for our child!” they stated.

But Toothless wasn’t out of the woods yet: immediately after arriving at the rescue, the puppy was diagnosed with parvo, a highly contagious virus that may cause serious disease in puppies.

In a statement, Royal Animal Refuge stated, “He was promptly brought to a vet and is presently receiving medical attention.” “Toothless asks for pleasant thoughts to be sent his way.”

“Please keep Toothless in your prayers; we know he’s a warrior, and we know he’ll keep fighting!”

Toothless survived thanks to contributions from admirers, and the dog is “better every day,” according to FOX 5.

Toothless has been through a lot, from tooth loss to parvo, but things are looking up for this lovely puppy.

According to a Royal Animal Refuge update, Toothless is now “living his best life” in the hands of a “wonderful foster family.”

They uploaded images of Toothless in his new home, illustrating that even though he has lost his teeth, he still has a lovely smile.

In their statement, the shelter praised the foster family and everyone else who helped support Toothless.

In a statement, Royal Animal Refuge stated, “We want to thank everyone for giving, sharing, and raising awareness for adorable canines like Toothless.”

“As always, we couldn’t do it without all of you, and we will be eternally thankful.”

It breaks our hearts to think about what Toothless went through, but we’re relieved that he’s now in excellent hands, receiving the greatest treatment and living in a loving foster family.

Please spread the word about this heartwarming tale!

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