Remember Snoop The Dog Abandoned On Camera? He’s Been Adopted And Right Now He Can Not Stop Smiling

Remember the dog who was abandoned on the streets and the whole thing was captured by a surveillance camera? We wrote an article about it.

The owner dropped him off on the side of the street and drove away while the canine asked him not to leave and ran after his vehicle. The canine, called Snoop, is currently happy once again in spite of this extremely sad experience.

After being saved by RSPCA, he obtained adopted by a kind person named Laurence Squire. He saw what happened to Snoop in the news and he was touched and heartbroken like everyone. Lots have been the request to adopt Snoop, and there was a rumor that Snoop Dogg himself wished to adopt the poor dog, however Lawrence was the one that lastly handled to bring him home.

One thing’s clear, Snoop is a very loyal dog. He’s now extremely pleased and comfy with his new family. His brand-new father works at home so he’s being bathed with a lot of interest and love. Snoop is now back to his energetic, playful, and caring self.

Earlier this year a dog called Snoop who was abandoned on the streets by his proprietor. We wrote about it here. He asked his owner and also followed his car but he was still left on the streets.

RSPCA rescued Snoop and not long after that, a kind man called Laurence Squire happily adopted him.

Many people wished to adopt the canine, and Lawrence was the lucky individual to win Snoop’s heart.

Snoop now feels at home with his new family. He spends a lot of time with his dad because Squire works at home.

He’s receiving a lot of love and affection from his brand-new family. Snoop is now back to being playful, caring, and energetic.

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