Rescue The Dog From The Owner And His Reaction When Receiving The First Gift

The dog feels love from the gift and responds with kisses

A dog mercilessly bred by his owner many times. There was a family who knew about it that stepped in to rescue the dog, she was exchanged for some pounds while pregnant. The family did not lose hope and had to wait several more weeks to be able to properly adopt the dog.

The family were delighted to learn they could bring the dog home before Christmas, making sure to give the dog a full life and introducing her to their young daughter and the dogs. other in the house.

Watching the video we can see the family trying to help this abused dog win. They bought the dog a warm bed as a Christmas present for the dog, the gift was wrapped in a box, and the family’s young daughter brought the shy dog ​​it unexpectedly and slowly sat up.

The moment of opening Christmas presents for the rescue dog it is excited and happy! This is the first time he received a gift to thank him for the gift he ran to and hugged the little mistress and gave him sincere kisses. Now the dog has a new family full of love and happiness

Video of the dog’s reaction when receiving the first gift!

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