Senior Beagle Is Finally Rescued By A Kind Couple From A Lonely Shelter

How beautiful it was for maple to have such loving people to adopt her & love her…!

Many people want to adopt puppies because they are cute and easy to train; however, few people pay attention to senior dogs, even though they are also very affectionate!

As shelter dogs get older, the chances of them being adopted decrease. Maybe they won’t have a chance to get a real home until they d.i.e!

Maple is her given name. She was in po.or health and had an un.plea.sant od.or, long, overgrown nails, and a bad appearance. Nobody wants or needs her!

Maple’s information post caused quite a stir, but in the end, a kind couple was willing to adopt the po.or Maple.

Beagles are one of the most loyal loving dogs!

Maple had to leave on the weekend, so Taylor and her boyfriend rushed for three hours to pick her up and bring her home. Taylor was he.artbro.ken when she saw Maple’s pitiful state and realized that her life was far from simple and easy.

The wait was well worth it. For the first time, Maple is happy in her own bed!

Maple slept in her new home for the first few days, “curled up in a little ball.” Maple gradually comes out of her shell and adjusts to her new life thanks to the love of her new parents. Cooper, Taylor’s other rescue dog, is also a new friend for her. They become best friends with each other!

When Maple made time for herself, her life changed dramatically. She is surrounded by the people and animals she cherishes!

Love has the power to transform anyone, especially animals. Maple has probably never been happier. Thank you so much for rescuing her.

So glad she finally got to know what a real home is like and real love. Can’t imagine what this po.or pup went through. If your going to get an animals it is for life their life or don’t get one.

God bless the couple who went and got this beagle and gave it love and a second chance to be loved and be part of a family.

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