We may not be detectives up here, but we are able to recognize patterns. We’ve previously discussed with you a few canines whose owners have all created bucket lists that let them try a variety of activities in life before they pass away. These are lists created for dogs who are dying, old, or terminally ill. These are lists that are meant to provide these dogs some incredibly sweet memories as their lives come to an end. But do you understand what I’m saying? I don’t think that pets’ bucket lists are as significant as their humans’ are. These are people whose dogs have vanished. This seems like a fantastic concept; and that we will be excellent as a result. They need something positive to happen in their lives to take their minds off it.

Gertie might be a senior dog who is 14 years old. When she was just 12 years old, her owners left her and another dog at a McDonald’s, right in the parking lot. The elder dog had been put up for adoption since he was frail and old. At that point, a compassionate woman showed up and took both dogs in.

Being elderly and not feeling well, Gertie’s veterinarian thinks it’s time to put her to sleep. Gertie’s owner, on the other hand, is determined to give her 1,000 hugs before she passes away because she wants to do something kind for Gertie before she departs. Everything on the dog’s wish list is being fulfilled, and her owner is working really hard to make sure this happens

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