Shelter Dog Turns Into A Puppy When He Sees The Family He Thought He’d Lost Forever

Chase was the type of dog that the City of Denton Animal Shelter was concerned would never be adopted.

In April, he was found running wild with two other dogs, and an animal control officer was able to capture him. Chase’s background, though, remained a mystery in the absence of a chip or identifying collar.


Had the pittie ever known familial love? How long had he been alone? Shelter personnel attempted to gain Chase’s trust, but he was cautious to open up.

“When Chase initially arrived to the shelter, he was very terrified and didn’t want to see anyone,” Misha Gonzales, an animal care worker at the City of Denton Animal Shelter, told The Dodo. “He was quite bashful, timid, and reserved.”

“When we leashed him, he appeared afraid. “He’d have his tail tucked and be shivering and trembling,” she continued. “When we tried to pet him, he moved away from us. The way he was acting, we knew it would be hard to get him adopted.”


Chase was vetted and brought to the adoption floor after a five-day stray hold. Gonzales was concerned that the anxious puppy would never find a home. But, luckily, his family discovered him.

Chase went missing from his home in November of last year, shocking his owners. His family put up leaflets and traveled around for months seeking for him, but they were unsuccessful.

“Because we have some fantastic folks out there who [keep] track of all the lost animals, the owners were called and after almost six long months, they came to the shelter first thing this morning,” posted the City of Denton Animal Shelter on Facebook.


Chase completely changed when he saw his family enter through the shelter’s front entrance. Fortunately, Gonzalez had her camera ready at the perfect moment to film the emotional reunion.

“Chase was with us for a week and he was practically shut down with no responsiveness to staff,” Gonzalez explained. “So, as his father, Hubert, entered through the front door, Chase immediately transformed into a joyful, delighted dog, with his tail wagging and leaping on and loving his father. We all lost it. There wasn’t a dry eye in the lobby, and witnessing Hubert’s pure, real love for his dog at that moment is incredible.”

You can see the adorable reunion here:

Chase is now at home, surrounded by his family’s affection. And it’s times like this that keep shelter employees like Gonzalez motivated.

“There are no words to convey how happy I was to see Chase reunited with his family,” Gonzales added. “Everyone enjoys a good feel-good story, and that is what this is and then some.”

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