Shelter Dogs Comfort Each Other By Touching Noses Over Their Kennels

When Sophia arrived at Tri-Cities Animal Shelter this past August, she tried her best to make her kennel feel like home. Sometimes she felt lonely, but the good news was that whenever this loneliness crept in, she knew she could pop her head over the wall, where her neighbor, Duke, would be waiting to give her a supportive nudge.

“It’s touching to see two dogs find comfort in each other,” Julie Saraceno, a shelter volunteer, told The Dodo.

Saraceno first noticed this behavior when she was taking a video of Duke that was interrupted by Sophia appearing on the other side of the wall. Saraceno was moved by the sweetness of their interaction.

“I could tell [Sophia] had done this before,” Saraceno said. “I’m always happy when the shelter dogs find a way to make their time there a little less sad and lonely.”

Saraceno recorded the moment in a video:

Sophia and Duke’s bond was an unlikely one. Sophia was known around the shelter for her spirited energy, while Duke is a calmer, more placid guy.

“Sophia is a loveable goofball and enjoys leaning her entire body into you for pets,” Saraceno said. “Duke is more serious, but lets his softer side out occasionally.”

Nevertheless, Duke was clearly charmed by Sophia’s affection. Perhaps he felt connected to her, as they both arrived at the shelter after wandering the street as strays.

“Sophia was desperate for a doggy friend!” Saraceno said. “We think she eventually wore Duke down with her persistence and gorgeous Dumbo ears.”

By September, Sophia had found her forever family, but she will surely never forget Duke’s comfort and kindness.

Duke is still looking for a home to call his own, where his family, much like Sophia, will be eager to shower him with affection. The calm, gentle boy, who is currently the shelter’s longest resident, can’t wait to find his perfect match.

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