Steve Irwin’s Son Took A Selfie With His “Self Isolation Buddy,” And It Went Viral!

Love the way Robert mimics his friend’s expression perfectly.

Robert is the son of an amazing father and mother. While he looks so much like his dad, he is finding his own fit in life.
Many people would probably find social distancing boring, but not Robert Irwin!

Robert Irwin, like his famous father, Steve Irwin, has a deep love for animals. During the lo.ckdown, he and his family even devote the majority of their time to animal education, research, and conservation.

When Robert and his family lived at the Australian Zoo, he made wonderful friends, perhaps the most special of which was his giant pal, the two friends even took a selfie together.

The photo has exploded on social media because of the cuteness of the couple!

Everyone is also hoping that they will be able to adopt this beautiful animal from the zoo. Adoption is way to help the zoo; you will pay an adoption fee in exchange for a certificate, a photo of the animal, and other benefits.

During these trying times, Robert has truly been an inspiration and a source of comfort to everyone. You can tell he adores and respects animals!

His father would be so proud of both his children. This guy did an excellent job!
Love that precious family

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