Stray Cat Sneaks Into Police Station And Chooses Officer As His New Family!

He choose you…! He can tell you are a good person & feels safe.

What a remarkable story, cat, and group of police officers. Glad the cat got a forever home with one of Police. 

So.. all I have to do is walk in and sit on an officer and I can also go home with them…?

Meet Kingsley, the confident cat who sneaked into Columbia Police Department to spread his charm.
And things changed for Police when a str.ay cat wandered into their building in need for some attention.

He knew the best person for himself. Well done…!

Apparently it wasn’t hard to get along with the cat, who acted like he wanted cuddles from every officer in the station, and decided to ease everyone’s day with little snuggles here and there.

He knows how to pose

Animals have a good sense for people. We trust their instinct!

Beautiful gorgeous kitten and the policeman. Hope you will care for the little mite

He knew how to find himself his forever home!

There is nothing in the world like an animal that accepts you as family and gives you their heart.

He’s so gorgeous…! Obviously very friendly and knew the Police Department needed a bit of encouragement in their work by helping them to relax with him!

Every workplace should have a pet to make everyone happy. 

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