The Loving Dog Helps Her Human Mom Fi.ght!

Some people question the loyalty of dogs. Many of them are much more loyal than many humans!

A human can a.ban.don a dog, but a dog will never, ever a.ban.don a loved one!

This woman and her dog Ruby have formed a close-knit bond. Shauna Darcy explains why she fell in love with this adorable dog!

Ruby is a service dog who was sent to assist Shauna in her never-ending battle with anxiety due to her rare heart condition, vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. So Ruby was always there for her adoptive mother. Ruby kept an eye on Shauna’s blood pressure and heart rate, and she also carried groceries and picks up dropped items.

In other words, Ruby is more of a guardian angel for Shauna than a service dog.

Shauna reveals her incredible journey with this companion: While she was training to become a service dog, I noticed that she began to notice changes in my heart rate and would act funny.

Ruby recently saved her mother’s life. She starts warning Shauna that something is wrong. Even though Shauna felt fine, she chose to follow Ruby’s advice and call an ambulance. “It turned out that my heart had atrial fibrillation,” she explained.” I was already in [] and barely conscious when the paramedics arrived.” Ruby refused to leave her mother’s side throughout the ordeal; she was always by her side!

Her life was saved by the dog’s devotion and love!

Without a doubt, dogs are the most devoted creatures on the planet. And this dog’s unconditional love and loyalty have warmed many people’s hearts.

This is a truly unique relationship.

They love us unconditionally and will stay by our side through thick and thin. They are family and should be able to stay. So glad to see this one is allowed.

Bless the young lady and her precious fur baby!

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