The puppy that fell from the sky miraculously survived after the hawk dropped the dog

People couldn’t figure out where the puppy cries were coming from — until they looked at the sky

This is one among the foremost miraculous stories ever, it’s a few 6-week-old pup who survived from a horrible incident. The story began when a gaggle of construction workers heard urgent cries of the small pup after having a busy day. So, they directly knew that that they had to try to something directly.

They started searching and following the sound, but they found nothing, but they still heard the cries so one among them took a glance above and realized that the cries was coming from above. ItOnce they saw a heartbreaking scene Chihuahua pup gripped in the talons of a hawk who was circling the sky with it.

They were all completely shocked and didn’t knew what to try toto, but the hawk then released the Chihuahua who came careening down. So, the workers directly ran over to see on the pup, and therefore, the couldn’t believe what they saw. Fortunately, the pup was hurt but it wasn’t that bad which let the workers scoop him and convey him to the closest veterinarian, where he was examined and known that he is going to be fine.

The tiny puppy, who was taken to Austin Animal Center (AAC), who had several scratches, and a few bruises and bumps, but keeping in mind that he was thrown from the sky by a hawk he was in amazing shape. He was given IV fluids to create his strength, after the horrible incident with the hawk.

The people at the shelter then decided to officially name the puppy Tony Hawk. Despite the hard fall, Tony suffered only a few minor cuts to his head and chest, and his rescuers were delighted when they realized he would make a full recovery.

“Tony Hawk was surprisingly light,” Olohan said. “He has some scales on his head and shoulders from the hawk’s claws, but that’s all! No broken bones or internal injuries from the fall. It is truly a miracle!”

It remains a mystery as to where Tony came from – whether he was a stray child born on the street or someone’s puppy picked up from the backyard. Despite that, his shelter family is happy that he has found his way to them and they are happy that he is doing so well now. He stays with a foster family until he is old enough to be castrated, and then the shelter will begin to find him the perfect family forever.

“At this point, his adopter is inundated with adoption applications and has some really great candidates, so we won’t be taking any more applications for him. him at the moment,” Olohan said.

Tony may have had a rough start in life, but that doesn’t affect his sweet nature or bubbly personality, and his friends at the shelter know he will. is the best furry addition to a very lucky family.

Thankfully, the small Chihuahua that was named Tony Hawk, is now recovering and receiving proper nutrition and he is going to be available for adoption since he’s completely recovered.

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