The Rarest Dolphin Species Found In Indonesian Waters: Irrawaddy Dolphin!

Fantastic, please look  after them…!

Never saw these kind of dolphins before. They are beautiful!

The Irrawaddy dolphin is one of the most intelligent and distinctive-looking creatures in the ocean.

They were discovered in West Kalimantan, a province of Indonesia’s Borneo island in 2012 as part of a study conducted by WWF-Indonesia and the Regional Office for Marine, Coastal, and Resource Management Pontianak (BPSPL).

Kalimantan is known for its diverse wildlife and dense rainforests with a lot of rare flora and fauna.

Irrawaddy dolphins, also known as orcaella brevirostris, are rare dolphins that have been recently discovered. The researchers are pleased with the preliminary findings and hope that they will help reveal information about the population and distribution of this unique species.

Albertus Tjiu, WWF-Indonesia Conservation Biologist and a pioneer in Irrawaddy dolphin research. The study provides clear evidence of the biodiversity of Kalimantan waters, as well as the importance of protecting dolphin habitats beginning with the origins of rivers in Central Borneo.

The IUCN lists Irrawaddy dolphins as vu.lne.rable, there are approximately 6,000 Irrawaddy dolphins worldwide, with the majority living in the coastal waters of Bangladesh. The rest are scattered throughout Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia’s northeastern coast, where they are listed as [ end.ang.ered].

Irrawaddy dolphins seem to enjoy spit water in the faces of their friends and swimming back and showing off their neck fat. Hopefully, this lovely creature will have a better habitat and will be able to increase its population!

That is just amazing absolutely beautiful! We hope there is extreme protection for these wonderful mammals.

Pray They Do Everything Possible Tp Protect These Beautiful Dolphins!

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