The Soldier Fell In Love With A Street Dog In Iraq, Separated From Each Other When He Left His Base, And An Emotional Reunion In California

It’s sad to have to part with a furry friend

Former Army Special Agent Ken Wyrsch fell in love with a stray dog ​​named Ollie while he was serving overseas – at the end of his time in Iraq he was planning to bring this dog to California.

Being away from home and living in a country with ‘war’ is very lonely and scary. For a soldier, having a close friend makes his days more meaningful. Until one day, that soldier had to leave his best friend behind which broke his heart

The dog makes a priceless gift for the soldier

Ken Wyrsch met a stray puppy near an army base in Iraq. It was like a priceless gift for him, he immediately gave it to him and named it Ollie.

The other soldiers at the base when they met Ollie also fell in love with the dog. He brings a great source of motivation to the hard working crew.

Ollie will stay at the base while the soldiers go on a mission and anxiously await their return. When soldiers return home, they will be greeted with a wagging tail and his hairy hugs reminding soldiers that there is a world of love that fills in the gaps they are missing.

Later, Ken Wyrsch received news that the Army Base was being closed. Though he’s returned to his hometown in California, the closure of the base means the dog Ollie will have to return to the streets. Due to strict customs laws, Ollie was unable to board the plane and go home with Ken Wyrsch.

Ollie will have to fend for himself in a place where no one knows that he is sweet, affectionate, and loyal. Ken Wyrsch thought about it and reached out to SPCA International to see what they could do.

A month passed, after many generous donations, Ken Wyrsch and Ollie had the opportunity to get back together again. Their reunion was warm, and touching

Ken Wyrsch said, “You must not leave a friend behind.” And it’s true!

Check out their story and reunion in the video below!

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