The Story Of Tarra And Bella, A Homeless Elephant And Dog Who Were Great Friends

Tarra, an elephant mother at a more than 2,000-acre elephant sanctuary in Nashville, Tennessee, displayed the animal world’s sensitivity by mourning the death of her best friend, a stray white dog named Bella.

This group of pals used to have a great time eating, drinking, playing, and even sleeping together. Bella roamed the sanctuary grounds and was friendly to everyone.

Unfortunately, Bella was killed by a coyote in 2011. Her corpse was discovered by the sanctuary workers, but there were no signs of blood, hair, or a battle nearby. As a result, it is assumed that the location where she was discovered was not the site of the events.

CREDIT: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Tarra, on the other hand, had blood on her body, implying that she attempted to transport her friend’s body home after the attack.

Elephant breeder Steve Smith stated:

“When I looked around, I observed that there was no evidence of an attack. There was no blood, no strands of hair, nothing, and Tarra, who had blood at the bottom of his trunk, as if he had gathered the body.”

CREDIT: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

The shrine’s CEO, Rob Atkinson, stated:

“It’s tragic, but also amazing, because she couldn’t leave that corpse and carry it back home.”

This elephant was so close to Bella that she could tell when she was uncomfortable.

Elephant laments the loss of her dearest buddy.
Bella suffered a terrible spinal cord injury once and had to be hospitalized for three weeks. Tarra waited outside the home for her throughout this period, eager to see her.

CREDIT: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Seeing Tarra’s agony, the staff made certain that Bella was taken out every day so that they might enjoy some of her companionship.

CREDIT: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

This pair’s bond surely touched the hearts of many people, and with Bella’s passing, Tarra felt quite depressed.

Rob stated:

“Her entire demeanor had shifted. She grew more quiet and peaceful, and she got melancholy.”

CREDIT: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Steve stated:

“We can’t make Tarra feel better. Other elephant buddies are the only thing that can aid her. The elephant group also assists in finding enough of food to alleviate their agony. They were one large family as a bunch of animals and will do whatever they can to aid each other throughout the storm. After Bella has left, numerous staff members notice Tarra standing in front of the grave, giving homage to friends who have perished.”

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