These 12 children proved once again that any child can be a hero!

We have a perfect example for you. “The Awesome Dozen” is a group of children from Surrey County, near London. These children, aged between 6 and 12, took part in an “egg hunt”, as is the custom in some countries. Everything was happening in a field, but suddenly they saw a helicopter flying in a circle above them.

Shortly after seeing the helicopter, they saw a suspicious man running extremely fast past them and quickly overtook them. He was running in one direction, but then he headed in the opposite direction and entered a nearby forest. The children realized that he had done this to get rid of the police because the helicopter had returned and was ready to leave. Then an idea came to these children that shows how smart these hunters are.

At first, they simply began to wave at the direction the suspect had taken, but those in the helicopter had not noticed. Then two children had an idea: “Let’s make an arrow!”, So they all lay down on the ground and formed a huge arrow with their bodies.

Worked! The police understood the message, they realized in time that the children were not playing, so they went by helicopter in the indicated direction, in the forest, it didn’t take long until they caught the criminal they were looking for.

These 12 children proved once again that any child can be a hero! The police department and the whole community expressed their gratitude for their clever gesture and the speed with which they thought! Please Share this amazing story with your friends. Children are amazing!!

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