This Deaf Pup Finally Found His Loving Home After Being Abandoned 5 Times

Ivor, a ten-month-old deaf Staffordshire puppy, had a rough start in life. Due to his disability, he was abandoned by 5 families before reaching the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

The puppy had trust issues, but the staff at the RSPCA Center gave him enough love and care, so Ivor became a reliable and sweet dog.

Good things have finally come to him. In December, Ivor found his permanent home with Ellie Bromilow, a woman who fell in love with the dog even though he was deaf.

“He’d already learned the sign command for ‘sit’ and ‘come’ from the staff at the RSPCA center, but now he knows lots more like ‘lie down’, ‘stay’, ‘all gone’ and he’s learning ‘roll over’,” Ellie said.

“Having a deaf dog is just like having a hearing dog. We still speak to him as we sign and I chat to him a lot – even though he can’t hear a word.”

Ivor has a huge personality. He enjoys going on walks and has a keen sense of smell. “We use that for games to keep him occupied. We hide lots of treats around the house for him to find,” Ellie added.

It’s so nice to know that, despite a difficult start, Ivor now has a permanently loving family.

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