This dog was a.b.used by its owner but was luckily adopted and now finds comfort in a toddler.

Dogs deserve our love and care because they are honest and innocent, and they would never ha.r.m their family. 

This lovely white dog has discovered a home where it feels secure and at ease.

Introducing the cute couple Archie, an 11-month-old baby, and Nora, a dog. Since the first day they met, they had been the best of friends, they were meant to be together.

Except for young Archie, Nora, an 8-year-old English pointer, “Came from an a.b.u.sive past and is of practically everything,” according to Archie’s mother Elizabeth Spence.

Nora and Archie are constantly matched up. The infant emits an aura of affection, assisting Nora in sensing safety, security, and comfort.

They get along well together. Nora always comes to the baby to cuddle him, and Archie does not cry but seems amused.

“If Archie is taking a bath, Nora is waiting for him to exit on the bath mat. She likes to sit on my lap with him if I’m nursing him. She will be there encouraging him even if he is raiding my cabinets and dropping every dish on the floor” Archie’s mom said.

Archie and Nora enjoy dressing up, engaging in joint activities in the family den, and sharing a cozy afternoon sleep every single time.

And Elizabeth has spent a lot of time capturing the affectionate hugs these two share.

We may learn from Nora that no matter where you come from, family can help you get through practically anything. Without Archie’s mother’s kindness and Archie’s welcoming of Nora as part of his family, Nora’s situation might have wor.s.e.n.ed.

Such a beautiful picture showing the companionship between humanity and animals.

Lets hope the best for Nora and Archie’s family, they will live well together, overcome difficult situations together!!

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