This dog was completely alone because they said he was bad, but he found a family and is now very happy.

Quarter’s reputation was delivered to the shelter along with him. He never earned it, which is the problem.

The 5-year-old Chihuahua allegedly bit someone, according to the woman who dropped him off at the Los Angeles-area shelter.

Whether it’s true or not, biting is a common excuse given by owners for giving up their dogs.

It’s practically a death sentence for some dogs.

With a reputation for anger and a fear of his chaotic, uncertain surroundings, Quarter didn’t take long to get into more problems.

According to Little Diva Rescue’s foster and transport coordinator Traci Jean Gallegos-Schuver, “Shelter personnel are kind of on guard when they interact with aggressive dogs on intake.” “He allegedly bit a shelter employee while they were trying to process him.”

That meant the dog would have to spend a long, uncertain time in quarantine with little human contact during that time.

Even worse, it reduced his chances of leaving the shelter even further.

When an animal is quarantined, it indicates that the shelter will only release him to a rescue organization that has been approved and has agreed to rigorous terms in a legal waiver.

In the case that someone gets bit, Gallegos-Schuver explains, “it means the rescue is waiving any liability for any kind of harm that may result to somebody else.”

After spending three weeks in quarantine, all the paperwork was eventually resolved, allowing Little Diva Rescue to accept Quarter into its care.

And it was definitely a sweet relief. starting with a trip to the vet, where Teddy received a new name.

“He was a little scared, but he never once shown any aggressive behavior. Nothing, “says Gallegos-Schuver. ‘Oh my my, he’s simply a misunderstood dog,’ even the veterinarian exclaimed.’ He has only ever been a jewel.”

Teddy was brought home by Gallegos-Schuver, who would then foster him for the following three weeks.

Teddy, though, had yet to fully shrug off that unflattering reputation.

Gallegos-Schuver had to leave him and a companion alone one night.

She admits, “I was a little bit worried about the hand-off. “He had just just left the shelter. I was worried about how he would behave around other people.

Once Teddy was given the chance to establish his own reputation, word of the kind, gentle dog looking for a home travelled swiftly.

Suddenly, the dog’s luck turned around after what looked like a string of bad luck.

Teddy was given a forever home by a couple from Richmond, Virginia. An airline flight attendant was a buddy of Gallegos- Schuver’s. She offered to book a cabin flight from California to his new family for Teddy.

According to Gallegos-Schuver, “he met four of the other flight attendants on the plane.” “He kissed each of them. He was truly amazing.”

On Wednesday, Teddy spent his first night with his new, permanent family.

He warmed up to John and Mary in a matter of seconds, according to Gallegos-Schuver. “He is so sweet. The rescue worked out perfectly.”

Want to assist Little Diva in finding more dogs in shelters their happily ever afters? Think about contributing here.

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