This Man’s Last Wish Is To Say Goodbye To His Beloved Dog

In the last hours of Peter Robson’s life, he received a special visit from his beloved old friend. And a smile returned to his face.

Robson, who had been battling pulmonary fibrosis, passed away on Thursday at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland. Before his death, the facility staff made an exception to their no-pets policy in order to fulfill Robson’s dying wish – allowing Robson’s dog to visit him one last time.

Robson’s dog Shep had been Robson’s inseparable companion after the death of his wife eight years ago. But after being hospitalized, Robson feared he might never see his dog again.

Ashley Stevens, Robson’s granddaughter, was there with her family when Shep was ushered in to say goodbye to his friend. She thanked the hospital staff for creating the moment.

Ashley wrote on Facebook:

“Our grandfather’s last and final desire was to see his dog one more time, and Ninewells hospital has absolutely astounded and delighted him today. Still in disbelief, the request was fulfilled, and today they went above and above to bring joy to a guy who is dying.”

Unfortunately, Robson died later that day at the age of 70. While Shep and his family will need time to process their loss, they are comforted by the fact that Robson was surrounded by those he loved, including the dog that had always meant so much to him.

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