Vet Has An Adorable Way Of Vaccinating Dogs Without Them Noticing

It’s no secret that even a normal vet visit may be terrifying for a puppy, especially if vaccinations are involved.

But this particular doctor, André Santos, has discovered an endearing method to make the entire procedure enjoyable.

Santos owns a veterinary clinic in Portugal and has earned a reputation for his lighthearted approach to keeping pets healthy and happy.

When a furry patient walks into his clinic for a vaccination, Santos doesn’t merely approach them with the dreaded needle. Instead, he turns things into a game, employing positive reinforcement in the form of playtime and food, leaving dogs completely ignorant that they’ve been given a shot at all.

And often, there’s even dancing involved.

Rather than being a source of anxiety for the dogs, getting an injection from Santos may be the highlight of their day.

“We should provide a pleasant treat whenever we undertake an operation,” Santos stated.

This method may appear unorthodox, but Santos’ patients adore him for it.

Finally, the compassion and care with which Santos treats his patients not only takes the fear and anxiety out of one “scary” trip to the vet, but also makes all future visits something they could really look forward to.

And as someone who genuinely cares about the health of dogs, it is what is most important to me.

“Best job ever,” Santos said.

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