While The Young Master Is Waiting, The Dog Dash Faithfully Refuses To Leave The Boy’s Side.

Dogs are known to be man’s best and loyal friend, but they can also be boys’ best friends.

Dog is man’s best friend

Dash the English Mastiff absolutely adores Peyton, his little self. So when the three-year-old was struggling, Dash proved his loyalty.

Peyton’s mother Jillian Smith of Norwalk, Ohio, said Peyton got into trouble because he accidentally hit his 5-year-old sister when he got mad. Smith separated his two children and gave Peyton two options; the boy can go to his room or time out, and Peyton decides to choose time out.

As the boy stood in the corner during his timeout, his furry best friend Dash decided to join him.

Dash was sitting next to the boy Peyton as if he wanted to keep the little friend seeing that everything was going to be okay.

Mom Smith took her phone and snapped a picture of Peyton and her dog Dash. She then posted the photo on her Facebook with the caption, “When you’re running out of time but your best friend won’t let you waste time alone.”

After a short time the photo went viral with more than 44,000 shares. People from all over the world were surprised and touched by this sweet moment.

Sharma LaBrew wrote: “The dog is like saying, I understand you very well, we are a team.

“OMG looked him in the eye. He is feeling his friend’s trouble. The true meaning of friendship. His P.I.C. Partners in [cri.me],” wrote Maritza M Castillo.

A touching story about the love of the dog Dash 

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