Winnie, the Cocker Spaniel with the World’s Most Beautiful Eyes

Almost human eyes! Just one look into those beautiful eyes and you are in love. She is so adorable!

Absolutely beautiful.
What eyes!!!!! Very special and unique.

Winnie the Cocker Spaniel has some incredibly gorgeous eyes – they’ve already mesmerized plenty of people.
This gorgeous dog has been compared to having eyes like a Disney princess, and we totally get the resemblance.

Gorgeous gorgeous girl!! She definitely looks like a Disney pup so so cute!! 

What a gorgeous little sweetheart!! Beautiful blue eyes!!

You are a gorgeous baby girl & I love you already.

She’s so sweet and adorable lovely blue eyes…! Stunning so beautiful love the eye lashes.

She does have very soulful eyes what a sweetheart.

She is so gorgeous and those eyes are just unbelievable.

God bless her with a happy, healthy eyes and babies like her!!

Here is the video of the cutiness:

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