Dog Sneaks Out Of House To Befriend A Wild Deer

After her pet dog Koda went out in late December, Rachel Howwatt spent a lot of time searching around the woods near her home. However, the trusty dog soon made her way back to her house in Manitoba, Ontario, Canada, as if nothing had happened.

“We absolutely looked for her, but she simply came back in the end,” Howatt said. “She’s a brilliant girl, so I had no doubt she’d find her way back.”

A few days later, Howatt asked her neighbor, who keeps a trail camera in the nearby woods to see whether Koda had been spotted at all. Koda had really been caught on camera.

A male deer was huddled up close to her, eating and resting alongside her. Throughout the evening, Koda is shown playing with and sitting close to the buck, who seemed unconcerned that he was accompanied by a dog.

“It was incredible,” Howatt remarked. “It seems that they spent nearly 12 hours together based on the time they spent on frame.”

This isn’t the first time a herd of wild deer has gone to the aid of a misbehaving animal. When deer gather in the woods, they have been known to adopt fugitive cows and even cats as their own.

Howatt will do everything she can to stop Koda from running away in the future, but she has a feeling the dog will want to go back to the woods to be with her wild friend.

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