Gentle Goose Takes Care Of Her Bestie’s Puppies Like Her Own Children

The interspecies relationship is always a miracle in real life. In fact, animals see the world so differently compared to humans. They do not see a being by the species, shape, and size. All they see is the way they treat each other. So real. So genuine. The story between a dog and a goose below is a fine example.

The goose was saved and adopted by the owner of the dog when she was just a little baby. Despite the differences, the goose and the samoyed immediately bonded together. They stayed and grew up side by side, and the bond between them is only getting stronger.

They are so close that the goose even helps her dog friend take care of her puppies. The goose is a very attentive nanny. When the Samoyed isn’t around, she steps in to look after the babies, follow them around to make sure that they are okay. For her, those puppies are no different from her own children. It’s so heartwarming to see such a beautiful friendship like that.

You can see the full video below:

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