Grandpa begins to sob in the middle of a restaurant because of a heartbreaking reason

Nothing can truly capture the incredible role grandparents play in their grandkids’ lives. As Joyce Allston wisely puts it, “Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child’s growth as vitamins,” and we couldn’t agree more. They’re part parents, part teachers, and part friends. Growing up with them by your side is like hitting the jackpot. Take the heartwarming story of Erica Lusher and her son. COVID-19 had kept them apart from her parents for a while. The separation was tough, but Erica had a surprise up her sleeve. She decided to bridge the 800-mile gap and surprise her folks. One sunny day in a local Florida restaurant, while Erica’s parents were enjoying their meal, she and her son walked in. What happened next was pure magic—the grandparents’ reaction was absolutely heart-melting.

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