«Meet a new unique couple!» Angelina Jolie was caught with her new partner and caused a sensation

«Turned out to be more handsome than Pitt!» Jolie’s fans are confused after seeing footage of her with her secret partner. You have a unique opportunity to see them in the article.

Everyone was interested in whether someone would be next to Angelina Jolie or not. Recently it became known that she has a chosen one. They seemed joyful as a couple. Paparazzi were able to capture Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie near a restaurant with a new secret companion. These shots surprised all her fans.

It turned out that her partner was David Mayer de Rothschild, who is a well-known public figure and family member. She wore a long black dress that emphasized Angelina’s figure.

Everyone commented saying that the couple looked pretty happy. They talked to each other with a smile, not even suspecting that someone had noticed them.

The Rothschilds are one of the richest families in the world with assets worth $500 billion. Internet fans began to discuss the couple’s new relationship and even wrote that Jolie’s new partner is more attractive than Pete.

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