Meet the Couple Who Can’t Resist Adopting 3-Legged Dogs

 When Breanna Sarver made the decision to have a puppy, she began looking online for a healthy, active golden retriever. She felt Casey was born with three legs but was destined to be her dog since they clicked right away.

As soon as she saw Casey’s photograph, Sarver traveled the two hours to pick her up and properly welcome her into her family. As soon as they met and began working together, Sarver and Casey were inseparable. Casey never acted strangely; she was simply content to live with her mother and closest friend.

The best way to describe her, according to everyone who has ever met her, is “happy,” Sarver told The Dodo. She had a constant smile. She rides in the van with me to work every day and likes meeting new people, making friends, saying goodbye to me at the end of the day when I go home, and choosing her favorite toy at Petco. She was really sweet and devoted. She served as my right hand for more than a year, and I never left the house without her.

Because of Casey’s beauty and their desire to assist those like her, Sarver and her partner decided to adopt Harper, a shepherd-mix. Everything was going well for Harper and Casey after they moved in together, but a month later, tragedy struck.

Not long after Harper was taken in, Casey sadly perished in an accident. Her mother was confused of how to respond in such a serious circumstance, and her parents were stunned. Two days after Casey’s death, Sarver phoned the lady from whom she had adopted Casey to break the terrible news. Despite the fact that Casey’s brother, who was born with just three legs, was seeking for a home, the mother wasn’t entirely distraught.

Sarver claims, “I never thought I’d be able to accept another dog into the family for quite a while after Casey’s heartbreaking loss.” But occasionally, fate takes unbelievable actions.

Four days after Casey’s dying, Chance was welcomed into the family the minute Sarver picked him up.

Sarver said, “It was one of the best choices I could have ever made.” Despite the pain I was experiencing, “He comforted me in ways I could never have imagined.”

Sarver was amazed at how much Casey resembled Chance as he grew older. They had comparable personalities, external features, grins, and little eccentricities. Casey seemed to have never gone after adopting Chance and was now always in Chance’s life.

“Sometimes I forget that they aren’t the same dog,” Sarver said. Anyone else would have a hard time understanding when I say that I believe her soul is still with us via Chance.

After helping Sarver manage her grief over Casey’s passing, Chance and the other three-legged dogs finally welcomed a blind puppy called Oakley to their pack. After adopting Oakley, the couple started calling their dogs the “tripawd squad.”

Some people occasionally wonder how the pair is able to have so many three-legged critters, even though it comes naturally to them. To them, it is simply their family.

Contrary to common assumption, Sarver claims that people do not struggle nearly as much with three-legged dogs. They excel in jumping, running, swimming, and playing. I can only conclude that they burn out much more rapidly than canines with four legs. They can move bigger objects with fewer legs by hopping, however it takes more effort than walking. We want to take them on vacation, but we have to be careful not to overwork them.

To prevent placing undue strain on their joints, the spouse must continually keep an eye on the weight of the animals. In order to help prevent future joint problems, they keep themselves healthy and active and regularly take joint supplements.

The three canines of the tripawd squad seem to truly care for each other and realize that they are all in this together. The three of them take care of one another in ways that regularly astound their parents, especially when one of them is ill and the other two rush to his side.

Chance was aware of Oakley’s blindness before we were, Sarver claimed, “when we brought Oakley home.” Harper’s obsession with sticks meant that he would never be able to get any of Chance’s sticks. Oakley would be waiting as the child passed, making sure he didn’t lose the stick and holding it up for him to chew on.

When Sarver and her partner first met Casey, they had no plans to adopt three-legged dogs, but after witnessing the love and joy that these creatures can bring, they have now altered their minds. They are overjoyed to see their little family grow in Casey’s honor by welcoming Willow, a puppy, as the team’s fourth member.

These tripods, in Sarver’s opinion, are lovely because they never feel sorry for their limitations or differences and are always grateful to be alive.

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