This Dog Protected His Injured Owner From Cold Weather By Keeping Him Warm With Hugs

This heroic dog has become a social media celebrity as a result of his courageous response. The dog tried to keep an injured hiker warm and safe in the chilly, snowy mountains of Croatia.

North, an eight-month-old Alaskan Malamute, went hiking with his owner on a weekend. But unfortunately, an accident happened.

North’s owner, Grga Brkic, slipped and fell 500 feet on the Croatian mountain range of Velebit, badly injuring one of his legs. The hiker was kept warm and secure by North, who faced the storm with Grga, by lying on top of him and covering him with his body.

Fortunately, Brkic’s rescue was under the control of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. As soon as they were safe, the gang reported the incident’s happy ending to their Facebook page.

A Rescue member reported:

“She cuddled up at his side, wrapping her body around him. Even after the savior arrived, he remained faithful; for 13 hours, one of us watched after his guy. This is a lesson on caring for one another that we can all take away.”

It took a team of 27 rescuers to release the hiker; getting to the man and his dog was difficult because to the snow and fell trees. This made rescuers’ access to Brkic and his friend problematic.

Thankfully, the rescue crew was able to get the guy and North to the hospital without incident. The hiker fell and broke his leg and injured his ankle, but thanks to North he was unharmed.

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