Worried Dog Watches Dad Perform Lifesaving ‘Surgery’ On His Favorite Toy

Sure, this huge fluffy dog named Leo likes his family, but he also cherishes a brown plush toy that he carries with him everywhere.

“It’s his favorite toy,” Leo’s owner, Hayley Alaxanian, told The Dodo.

But, lately, a little accident threatened to ruin Leo and his toy’s good thing.


Leo was playing with the soft toy as usual the other day when disaster struck. The enthusiastic pooch managed to rip a hole in his small fabric companion, revealing its soft, white insides – a potentially fatal damage for any stuffed toy.

Fortunately, Alaxanian’s father arrived quickly after the terrible incident. Clearly, the dog was heartbroken.

“[My father] took the toy away from him and put it somewhere he couldn’t reach it, but he was weeping and reaching for it,” Alaxanian explained. “That’s when my father decided to get out his sewing kit and begin stitching it back together.”

Leo never left his favorite toy’s side throughout the emergency “surgery” to save its life:

The surgery was completed after several difficult moments. Despite Dad’s lack of familiarity with such high-pressure processes, Leo’s toy was going to come through.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen him sew a dog toy,” Alaxanian added.

Leo couldn’t have been happier.


With that, the puppy and his toy were happily reunited.


With luck, Leo will learn to be gentler with his plush companion in the future, but there’s little question that Alaxanian’s father will be ready to help if any further toy-related injuries occur. After all, his connection with Leo is one of genuine affection.

“It’s the sweetest thing ever,” Alaxanian added.

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