The Great White Shark ”God Of Wa.r” And Its Overwhelming Sc.ars!

A giant shark was discovered with bi.te marks and sc.ars all over its body, the result of years of relentless ba.ttles.

Underwater cinematographer Dean Spraakman filmed this 11-year-old great white near the Neptune Islands in South Australia. It is home to about 1,000 great white sharks.

The huge pr.eda.tor was wo.und.ed with ma.rks all over its skin, piled up next to old sc.ars. It stands out in the ocean when surrounded by other small fish.

There are many doubts about the scars of this great white shark. No one had ever seen such a ba.dly white shark before. They speculated that it was possible that the propellers of the boats had the shark, or that it had become trapped in tuna cages in the area, which is why it has such deep and long sc.ars. Another theory is that the from with sti.ngrays, maybe the chase went to a shallow reef, it could get in such a sharp place.

However, National Geographic explorer Professor Yannis Papastamatiou says the sc.ars are the result of dominant interaction between sharks or their prey, the seals. A great white shark can grow up to 20 feet long and weigh up to 2.5 tons.

With a wo.unded body of a ‘God of Wa.r of the ocean’, he looks quite fer.ocious and comb.ative. However, Dean Spraakman, full of surprise, admits that the great white shark is indeed friendly and calm. It seems indifferent to the hardships it has been through and does not mind its fer.ocious appearance.

The world’s most popular great white shark hotspots include the coasts of Australia, California, and South Africa. Sometimes these giant pre.dat.ors are also found in the Mediterranean. The Neptune Islands where the scarred shark was discovered is also famous as a great white shark tourist destination.

Watch the video bellow:

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